How to make a booking and what is your term of payment?

To book us, simply contact us via email or whatsapp and our friendly service will direct you to the package that suits your need best. Term of payment – 50% down payment upon booking and the rest 1 month before the shooting date. Cancellation fee is the down payment.

Why is there a producer at The Right Wave?

The team that work on The Right Wave are people who have been working in the photography industry as professionals. We treat our wedding photography project the same as our commercial or fashion clients. This is the difference between our service and most of the other wedding photographers.
In a Photo shoot, the role of the producer extend from pre-production (you will meet him or her and discuss your need), during the photo shoot and post-production (after the photo shoot, there will be editing, layout, coloring, printing of the images, not to mention choosing the photos, which can be hard). The producer will be the one you mainly communicate with and he or she is the middle person between you as the client and the rest of the photography team.

Do I need to use a stylist?

Not always, but we have worked with almost all of the top stylist in Jakarta and can recommend one that suites your style. With background on fashion photography, we do encourage our clients to use the service of a stylist. His or her duty will be to choose the clothes with you (either from your personal collection or rent from designers or purchase). Decide the look that will suite you best and in accordance with the concept, follow us on the photo shoot to help you dress up, mix and match the clothing and accessories and also help direct your pose.
This is of course optional, depending on your need, best to talk to our producer for a friendly advice.

I want my pre-wedding pictures to be different and not corny looking. Can you do that?

That is our specialty. Upon booking, we will set up an appointment with you where we can talk about the concept that we will do. Our team will then give you art direction to your approval.

What’s the difference between Evelyn and Rio’s style?

To talk about their difference, one must know their similarities first.
Both have strong journalistic feel and work their camera with instinct.
Both diminish towards images that are clean looking
Both has good sense of color and harmony.
Both are professional photographers who has been published in editorials.
Both are award winning.
Both are artists in fine art photography.
The main difference: Evelyn takes a lot of nature and documentary photography and Rio takes a lot of fashion photography. However, that does not mean Evelyn does not do fashion and Rio does not do nature. On the contrary, they both have done both subjects and enjoy doing so.

For more questions, do contact us!